How We Serve


A New Paradigm

Too often people offer financial advice without first understanding the person who will experience the impact of the advice. We approach financial planning differently because we take an evidence-based approach to learn about who you are, what you value, and the life you want to experience. We take being a fiduciary to the next level by making sure your well-being is the foundation for every discussion, analysis, and recommendation.

Our mission is to help you journey through life with a sense of abundance and subjective well-being – the essence of True Wealth. To serve in this capacity, we developed the True Wealth Pyramid as a framework for you to put your financial resources in the context of your life. This lens gives you confidence to evaluate the trade-offs implicit in life decisions and become the decision-architect for your life.

Everyone knows we’re supposed to save for retirement and plan for the long-term, but what does that even mean?

We all have an image of what we would like to accomplish and experience before we die. How close we get becomes a key measure for the quality of our lives. If our vision feels unattainable, we become resentful or resigned. But if we have a fair shot at pursuing it we experience a sense of optimism, self-efficacy, and purpose.

The reality is that we can’t plan for the future until we figure out our near-term stuff. This is best achieved by establishing Resilience, which can be thought of as your financial hygiene. It’s about setting a solid financial foundation for you to explore life while also establishing some guardrails, so life’s events don’t knock you off course.

This is a strategy to support our basic human needs like food, water, sleep, security, companionship, and self-respect. These needs are also called deficiency needs because when they are not met, we become stressed out, anxious, and short-sighted. Actions in service of these needs are coping behaviors and are generally not long-term solutions for fulfillment. As a need is fulfilled, the mental bandwidth and willpower is freed to pursue other areas of life that are also important.

Our mid-term experiences are also supported by our foundation of resilience, but the key driver is our Stewardship of our resources. This doesn’t mean being stingy. It’s about understanding the trade-offs, being deliberate when necessary, and not sweating the rest.

Stewardship is best represented when it supports both the mid- and long-term. Stewardship keeps our options open and creates the space to explore our higher order needs (curiosity, wisdom, beauty, balance, self-actualization, and giving back). These experiences are what make life worth living.

The reason this framework includes possibilities is because possibilities are what make life exciting. It’s easy to think about possibilities in negative terms, especially when resilience protects you from possibilities, but possibilities are what we co-create by being who we are in collaboration with others. If our goals are too rigid or we are too focused on a particular outcome, we risk missing out on the dynamism of life’s possibilities.

When our financial resources are aligned with our vision for our life, we experience subjective well-being. A feeling of financial freedom allows us to journey through life with a sense of abundance. True Wealth is about living as your ideal self, not about measuring your worth in dollars and cents.

Our Services

Whether in person or virtually, we collaborate with clients in one of two ways:

Setting the Foundation : A Project-Based Engagement billed at a rate of $300 per hour

  • This option is for when you may have some questions or want to think through some scenarios but aren’t interested in or have the budget for a comprehensive engagement. This engagement can address any aspect of your True Wealth Pyramid at any level of detail.
  • The caveat is that we will not provide ongoing investment management services under this type of agreement. We do not feel we can serve as a fiduciary in the investment management process unless your investments work in lock-step with your future, which requires a deeper understanding that we gain in our other service offering.

Life By Design : An Ongoing Relationship with an annual retainer fee which is billed monthly or quarterly, whichever is most convenient for you. Our annual retainer may range from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the complexity of your situation.

  • This offering provides comprehensive support for the life you want to experience. There will be times when certain aspects of the True Wealth Pyramid are more pressing than others, but the time we take to get to know you ensures that our relationship is holistic and eliminates blind spots.
  • Investment management services (based on Nobel Prize-winning research) are available to clients who see benefit in leveraging our relationship for all their financial needs for an additional “Asset Under Management” (AUM) fee. While most planning firms charge only on AUM (usually 1%), we feel this is prohibitively expensive and has little to do with the value we provide as financial planners. We understand that you can get investment management advice from robo-advisors as a low-cost solution and have determined a competitive fee solely to compensate us for the time it takes to implement and monitor your investment solutions. We charge .5% on the first $2,000,000 invested with us, and .3% on any amount above $2,000,000.