Why We Serve


We believe everyone has the right and unlimited potential to impact the world, and we work with you so that your financial resources support a life that you want to experience. Our purpose at Paradigm Wealth Architects is to help clear the path for clients to live a life that is in alignment with their ideal-selves. Together we unleash your potential through collaborative Financial Planning, so you can pursue True Wealth and explore life in a way that is authentic to your unique experience.

We serve as a reminder that there is a significant difference between Wealth and money. To us, Wealth is a state of subjective well-being – the pursuit and culmination of life’s passions, experiences, struggles, contributions, and triumphs – which comes from within and is founded in a sense of gratitude for what was, what is, and what might be. Money on the other hand, while necessary to thrive in 21st century America, is simply a tool to efficiently exchange your resources (skills, knowledge, time, effort, property, etc.) for the resources that someone else can provide. Conflating the two can muddy priorities, leading to a misallocation of resources that move you forward but in the wrong direction.

We believe that the power of financial planning exists in this dichotomy; Wealth is infinite – money is not. A focus on building Wealth leads to an abundance mentality, emphasizing resourcefulness instead of resources. The stewardship mindset reinforces gratitude for the resources available and enhances creativity for how to leverage those resources, promoting an awareness of what we can control and a focus on being present for every step of the journey.